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I could not think of a better and more experienced candidate to fill the vacant seat in The Court of Common Pleas — Tom O'Neill, President of Bucks County Deputy Sheriff's Benevolent Association

Amir is a family friend and one of the most decent men I've known. He is the example of what a father should be. Amir's integrity, enthusiasm, appetite for truth, and energy for his life are what I think everyone should want to achieve. I really admire his ability to 'see' people and I think in this world today he is the right man. We will all be served better to have him as Judge. — Robert Lewis

Amir Stark has the qualifications, but more importantly the values and principles needed in the replacement for the Honorable Alan Rubenstein's seat on the Court of Common Pleas in Bucks County. We need a Judge who knows that he is there to interpret the law as it was written and apply it accordingly, and not legislate from the bench. A public servant who has diligently represented victims in court pro-bono, and who has stood up for the rights of victims, Amir is RightForBucks. Andy Meehan, President RightForBucks Organization — Andy Meehan

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